General Services

Although The Codjovi Law Firm has a specific emphasis on Matrimonial and Family Law, we are a general practice law firm.  As such, we have developed a unique general practice that often but not always, overlaps with matrimonial and family law issues. We routinely handle matters that are not specifically related but seek to serve our client’s and practices areas as a whole. 



Establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Proper estate planning allows you to remain in control of your finances while sparing your loved ones the burden of managing your affairs when you no longer can.

After working hard your entire life to provide for your family and ensure that your loved ones are secure, you must take the necessary steps to ensure the assets that you have accumulated are distributed as you wish when you pass away.  In addition to a plan for your assets, you must also establish a plan for your most prized possession – your children.

Our firm can help you prepare a basic or complex will, establish trusts, navigate through the probate process, protect your rights in the event that a will is contested and ensure that your wishes are carried out.