General Services

Although The Codjovi Law Firm has a specific emphasis on Matrimonial and Family Law, we are a general practice law firm.  As such, we have developed a unique general practice that often but not always, overlaps with matrimonial and family law issues. We routinely handle matters that are not specifically related but seek to serve our client’s and practices areas as a whole. 


Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is probably the most significant financial transaction that anyone undertakes in their lifetime. While this can be an exciting time, without the proper legal guidance, the process can be frustrating, overwhelming and more expensive than necessary.  Even if there are no obvious disagreements between the Buyer and Seller it is advisable for each party to enter into real estate transactions with their own attorney who can help steer them away from common pitfalls and make the transaction an enjoyable experience.

We represent Buyers, Sellers and Financial Institutions from drafting a Purchase and Sale Contract through obtaining the final Title Insurance Policy.