Matrimonial Law

The breakup of a relationship is a difficult and emotional time. It requires making complex decisions to separate two people's lives. Individuals may feel overwhelmed trying to tackle the seemingly endless questions — How will money and property be divided? Where will my minor children live? Will I have the financial resources to support myself? The Codjovi Law Firm has answers.

The Codjovi Law Firm provides comprehensive legal representation to clients throughout the divorce or legal separation process. Our lawyers are by your side every step of the way beginning with the initial divorce filing through the negotiation process, litigation in front of both family court and Supreme Court, and the appeals process. We also help clients modify existing divorce agreements to better reflect the realities of their daily lives.


Property Settlement Agreements

Long after divorce, the property settlement and separation agreement govern all financial and custody issues. Our role is to help clients identify what is most important to them and what is negotiable, then to work out the specifics of the contract in the most expedient way.

The Codjovi Law Firm's experience in negotiating settlements allows us to resolve matters quickly. We often have four-way conferences where we meet with your spouse, or other parent and their attorney to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. This is the most cost effective approach and leads to less stress and hostility for all parties — including any children who may be involved. Negotiation is a time and money saving alternative to resolve disputes.

A negotiated divorce agreement is an alternative to consider. It allows you and your attorneys the ability to construct an agreement that spells out the terms of the divorce — basing the outcome on your input, not that of a judge. You and your spouse together can determine how you want your property divided, your child custody arranged and all other issues, to your mutual satisfaction.