Family Law

Family ties are thought to be the most private and enduring relationships in society. As most can attest, however, these relationships are rarely free from conflict. When domestic issues cannot be solved within the home, family law seeks to restore order and provide a fair solution for all parties involved.
For many, family law is thought to be synonymous with divorce proceedings. In reality, divorce is just a small part of family law which covers a broad array of domestic issues including adoption, premarital agreements, paternity and child support issues.

When legal action is necessary to resolve familial matters, it is essential that you entrust your most private matters with a compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorney. Our dedicated attorneys and staff serve as good listeners, confidants and advocates for all of our clients during their most difficult times.



Paternity lawsuits may be necessary to determine parental rights, custody or support matters when the identity of the biological father is in question or not yet legally established. When a child is born to parents who are not married, a biological father must take steps to ensure that he is the child's legal parent by either an Acknowledge of Paternity or a Court Order of Filiation (Paternity).

To have a child support obligation — and to have the legal right to custody or visitation — a father must have at least one of these documents. Whether you are a mother in need of financial support in raising your child alone, or a father pursuing your rights of custody or access to your child, The Codjovi Law Firm can help.

These suits may be brought by the mother, the presumed father (in many instances the husband of the mother), the man alleged to be the father, a government agency or the child (if he or she is underage, a representative must act on his or her behalf). Our family law firm is available to offer you legal guidance, assist in filing a paternity suit with the appropriate court or defend you against a paternity action.

If there is a dispute as to who the child’s father is, the court will order a genetic marker test. The results of this test are then used to establish a legal relationship between the parent and child and determine the extent to which the father has an obligation to support the child. Even if the biological father does not wish to play an active role in the child’s upbringing, he still has the obligation to provide financial support to the minor.

Located in Buffalo, the The Codjovi Law Firm represents unmarried mothers and fathers throughout Western New York. Together, we help you get the parenting time necessary to develop important parent-child bonds and the support you need to pay for the costs of raising your child.