General Services

Although The Codjovi Law Firm has a specific emphasis on Matrimonial and Family Law, we are a general practice law firm.  As such, we have developed a unique general practice that often but not always, overlaps with matrimonial and family law issues. We routinely handle matters that are not specifically related but seek to serve our client’s and practices areas as a whole. 



For some members of our society, legal protection may be necessary even after they have entered adulthood.  These individuals may have been injured in an accident, suffer from an incapacitating physical illness or psychological disorder, or have some other condition which prevents them from caring for themselves.  In these cases, a guardianship may be established.

Guardianship is a legal arrangement which places an individual under the supervision of a guardian.  The guardian is typically a family member, friend or fiduciary appointed by the Court to act as either guardian of the person and/or guardian of the estate.  Additionally, guardianships may be used to protect the legal rights of a minor in the event that a parent is no longer able to act on behalf of his or her child.